When real life confrontations arise, make sure you’re ready.

With RedMan and Team One Training Network you will be.

Training Makes the Difference

Professional training makes a huge impact on the effectiveness of your training and duty gear investment. The RedMan Training Division provides hands-on, realistic scenarios that help prepare participants for critical decision-making when real-life confrontations arise.

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Instruction incorporates the instructors existing techniques and tactics into drills that utilize verbalization, subject control, aerosol sprays, impact weapons, and lethal force up to and including the use of training munitions. The Seven Levels of Simulation will be explored as will be the use of a full range of defensive tactics training tools including training weapons, striking shields, and impact training protective equipment. This course will develop the building blocks to assist instructors in developing the skills necessary to lead to future training scenarios. Topics also include: use & misuse, correct sizing, proper donning, correct use & care, sanitation, equipment repair, and repacking & storage of the RedMan® XP Suit.

John Meyer
John Meyer,
President and Founder of Team One Training Network.

John is President of Team One Network, LLC a company established to test, evaluate, train and market various manufacturers’ products to the Law Enforcement community as related to officer survival. John spent 15 years with Heckler & Koch, Inc., ultimately rising to the position of Vice President of Sales and International Training. John led a team of instructors that pioneered the integration of formalized training doctrine with practical field experience. These cutting edge, realistic tactical training courses have become an industry standard. John was a Lieutenant with the DOD Police, where he served as a special reaction team leader and is a past President of FOP Middle Forge Lodge 100. He is Vice President of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) a member of the Policeone.com Advisory Board and a member of the Police Magazine Advisory Board.

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John T. Meyer, Jr. President

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