A Special Thank You to our Trainers.

Your support, innovative ideas and dedication to saving lives has made all the difference.

John Desmedt
In 1984, when Macho Products, Inc. introduced the first Law Enforcement training gear, it was at the request of John Desmedt. At the time, he was the Director of Training for the Secret Service. Over the years, Desmedt has worked with RedMan to evolve the RedMan product line and served on the RedMan Advisory Board. A US Marine Veteran, former Virginia law enforcement officer, retired Secret Service agent, nationally recog-nized police defensive tactics instructor, Desmedt continues to serve the industry through his company Protective Safety Systems (PSS). Protective Safety Systems is comprised of accomplished, professional trainers and developers, dedicated to keeping PSS on the leading edge of training and operations. The creator of the “Use-of-Force Model” concept in 1981, PSS began to teach it internationally in 1982. Based on the concept and Model, almost all training concerns engaged in the use-of-force have developed varia-tions of the “Use-of-Force Model.”

Gary Klugiewicz
Gary T. Klugiewicz has played a pivotal role in the evolution of RedMan Training Gear, its product line and training programs. From 1995-2001 he worked along side Nadeau to design and teach the first RedMan Simulation Certification programs for HK and RedMan Training Gear. In 2001, Klugiewicz helped RedMan establish the RedMan Training Division and led the program as the Director of Training. Today, Klugiewicz continues to support the RedMan product line and training programs through his company, Active Countermeasures Instructional (ACMi®) Systems (, a national defensive tactics training entity. He also serves as the Director of Training for the PoliceOne Training Network. Gary is retiRed from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department after 25 years of service where he was promoted to the rank of captain. His name has become synonymous with the development of safe but realistic, intense, dynamic simulation training. Gary is the developer of the Ac-tive Countermeasures System of Unarmed Blocking and Striking Techniques that is the cornerstone of High Level Control Tactics. He has developed programs for police, cor-rections, military, security, and mental health professionals and is a member of the Force Science Research Center advisory board.

Larry Nadeau
In 1989 Larry Nadeau founded Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Systems. Today R.A.D. is a nationally recognized alliance of self-defense educators dedicated to enhancing defensive options for women and children, while developing their abilities to manage aggressive and violent behavior. As a member of the RedMan Advisory board from 1995-2001, his input and testing refinements resulted in the worlds’ first self-defense training suit, manufactured by RedMan, which was in turn called the R.A.D. Systems Aggressor. Nadeau is a nationally recognized police defensive tactics instructor and has been one of the few instructors responsible for teaching Instructor Certification Courses for the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1989 to 2001. With his professional ally, Gary T. Klugiewicz, Nadeau designed and taught the RedMan Simulation Certification programs for HK and RedMan Training Gear from 1996 to 2001. Nadeau currently teaches self defense and police tactics upon request as a consultant, through the National Academy of Defense Education, (formerly the Tidewater Academy of Self-Defense) which is currently located in Denham Springs, Louisiana. He is the author of numerous training manuals which are a concise summary of the police defensive tactics and self-defense philosophies he has learned, developed and refined over the last 29 years.