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The Right Training with the Right Gear:

R.A.D. Systems and Redman Training Gear have joined forces to give you a powerful combination of gear and training to enhance your self defense training programs.

This revolutionary concept in self defense training can help the average person in your classes build confidence and skills for their personal safety. Whether you teach self-defense as a business or as a public service, simply by giving people what they need – an affordable and effective self defense
training courses – you are serving your community with programs that help save lives.

R.A.D. Aggressor Gear® is a powerful training tool. You and your students can repeatedly practice adverse situations with appropriate force and significantly Reduce the risk of injury while building real skills and confidence. Training with R.A.D. Aggressor Gear® will allow students to react effectively in dangerous situations, while offering them the increased confidence needed to perform under pressure.

R.A.D. Aggressor Gear® Self Defense Instructor and Student Suits are state-of-the-art gear for training your students professionally and safely,
but knowing how and when to use this gear is critically important to you as an instructor and the psychological development of your students.

R.A.D. was founded by Larry Nadeau in 1989.

Training Mat
Equipment Bag
Courses Offered Through R.A.D.:

• R.A.D. (Replicating Adverse Dynamics) Simulation Instructor Certification
• Self Defense Instructor Certification
• Basic Physical Defense Instructor Certification
• Advanced Self Defense Instructor Certification
• Extreme Applications of Lethal Force Instructor Certification radKIDS,
R.A.D. for Men and R.A.D. for Seniors Instructor Certification

R.A.D. Aggressor Gear® made by RedMan.
Sold exclusively through R.A.D. distribution.

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Hours: 10am-3pm Central

Kathy Wright, R.A.D. Programs.

Kathy is a former City of Buffalo and Virginia Beach Police Officer with 14 years experience. She is a Staff Instructor in the Advanced Self Defense Program as well as a Staff Instructor in the Basic Physical Defense System. Kathy is a Personal Fitness Specialist (Cooper Institute), and a law enforcement staff Instructor at the National Academy of Defense Education in Virginia. A former Adjunct Instructor with Heckler and Koch, I.T.D., Kathy teaches defensive tactics skills nationwide.

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Self Defense Training

Larry Nadeau, Director of Training

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Progressive Self Defense Systems

John Riddle, Director of Training


Choose from three Simulation training programs that cover an array of topics including staff selection and training, scenario development, equipment selection, use, care, repair, group management, instructor survival and more. Courses Include: Simulation Training Program, Basic Simulation Instructor Development and Advanced Simulation Instructor Development.


John Riddle offers a series of defensive tactics, firearms and self defense courses. He has extensive experi-ence with the RedMan WDS and has created innovative courses to truly integrate defensive tactics courses with firearms training for law enforcement. John has been teaching since the mid-1980s and has been recognized for his achievements with the West Palm Beach Police Department, Former SWAT, Sniper Team Leader and CAT Team member, Riddle understands how to train officers for real-world scenarios.

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