Last year the RedMan team decided that it wanted to update the Training Vest to better fit the needs of law enforcement officers. Based on officer feedback, the improved RedMan Training Vest is modeled after standard issue duty vests and has a number of upgrades so that trainees will be able to stay protected while training and already be adjusted to what they will be wearing while on duty.

The vest features an inner layer of foam that is sandwiched over impact plates to provide enhanced blunt trauma protection. It has a contoured fit to the body for better protection and mobility, and is form-fitting enough so that it will not move around during training. Additionally, the improved RedMan Training Vest provides blunt impact protection for more dynamic simulations, and can be used in place of ballistic training vests. The vest’s durable exterior enables officers to train for ground defense and grappling in outdoor environments without having to worry about ruining or damaging their duty vest. The RedMan Training Vest was designed specifically for training, and is ideal for hands on defensive tactics training, grappling, and ground defense.