A successful formula for the effectiveness of RM Training Gear is that we pair our products with the best trainers and training programs in the world. The RedMan Instructor Certification Course was designed to prepare law enforcement and military instructors to develop the skills necessary to lead future training scenarios, as well as helping them incorporate RedMan Training gear into their agency’s training program. The program will teach these instructors how to correctly size, use and care, their RedMan® XP Suits, as well as proper sanitation, equipment repair, and repacking and storage techniques for the gear.

The main takeaway is that instructors who obtain this certification will be able to integrate these lessons learned into their own training programs. These lessons focus on the techniques, tactics, and drills that utilize tactical communication, as well as subject control, aerosol sprays, and impact weapons.

The course helps prepare these instructors by placing them into hands-on, realistic scenarios that involve critical decision-making to prepare them for when real-life confrontations arise. It also reduces liability and injury through using proper training techniques, teaches the latest techniques for all use-of-force scenarios, and encourages participants to collaborate with trainers from other departments.

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